Our Services

Survey Programming

We have a highly experienced and dedicated programming team working on creating and conducting surveys.

We are capable to provide almost every survey feature like Page logic, Question Logic, Randomization, Rotation, Logo branding, Different Themes, Response Validation, Survey Progress bar, Custom Redirects, Email Manager, Advanced quota settings, Real-Time result analysis, Survey status reporting, Download data in various formats like Excel, SPSS, RTF, CSV, XML, HTML, Word etc.

Data Processing

We are one of the leader’s providing outsourcing solutions for market research data processing.

Our team have enriched experience in market research techniques used for handling data processing and tabulation for clients across the globe. Our analysts have capability across industry-standard packages and tools.

Desk Research

The internet era has provided a new research tool which is becoming increasingly important within B2B markets, opening up a channel of new offspring of research methods and applications.

With the continuous evolvement of internet era and the rapid increase in internet penetration in all markets, desk research is here to stay and grow in the market research industry.

Qualitative Research

The qualitative method investigates the why and how of decision making, not just what, where and when.

Hence, smaller but focused samples are more often needed, as compared to the larger samples of quantitative research. There are a wide variety of methods that we provide in qualitative measurement: 1)Participant Observation, 2)Direct Observation, 3) Unstructured Interviewing, and 4) Case Studies

Once we hear from you we will provide you with more required information.

Quantitative Research

Surveys, Demographic information, questionnaires etc generate numerical data.

This statistical analysis of that data is referred as Quantitative research. These can be conducted face-to-face with a clipboard and pen, over the telephone, via post or email, online or via your website. We provide one the most affordable and high quality research solutions for quantitative research.